Pre-Booked Appointments

Appointment bookings can be made by calling the Greenstone Family Health Team reception at 807-854-0051 ext. 1

Please remember to pre-book your follow-up appointments

Advanced Access – Same Day Appointments

To book a same day appointment please call at 8:00 am reception at

807-854-0051 ext. 1

Appointments are limited and fill up quickly so please continue to call if the line is busy.

Monday Walk-In Clinic

Starts at 9:00 am till 3:00 pm for all urgent, primary health care concerns.

Availability during walk-in hours is limited so please arrive between 8:30 and 2:30 to sign up.

Phone calls are NOT accepted during walk-in hours – patients must attend the clinic IN PERSON to access the walk-in services. You will be given an approximate time to return to see your provider.

Health Promotion & Illness Prevention

For more information, please call Evelyn Harel at 807-854-0051 ext. 1

Counselling Appointments

Take charge of your mental health. Free and confidential services available.

Call 807-854-0051 ext. 1 to book with Shyanne Nolan, HBSW, RSW

Services available in Longlac, at The Norwest Community Health Centre, please call 807-876-2271 to book your appointment.

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