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Chair Based Exercise Program

Enjoyable, effective and safe exercises to promote, increase and maintain strength, mobility and independence!

Monday to Friday @ 12:30 in the GFHT Meeting Room

Colorectal Cancer Screening & Prevention

Come in and pick up your Fecal Occult Blood Test kit today or contact your Primary Health Care Provider for more information

When colorectal cancer is caught early:

  • most people (90%) recover fully after treatment
  • your cancer is less likely to spread
  • you may have more options to treat your cancer

When should you screen?Colon20Cancer20NewsColorectal Cancer Screening and Prevention Information

Tips to reduce your risk

  • maintain a healthy body weight
  • be physically active
  • reduce alcohol intake
  • don’t smoke
  • take calcium or folic acid supplements
  • know your family history — if a close relative had colorectal cancer, you could be at increased risk
  • most importantly, get screened


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